Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Remington- Birth story

For those of you interested and mostly for myself so I don't forget!

August 19th, Monday: 
I decided I would do everything I possibly could to get labor going b/c the doc said he was going to induce on Thursday.  I took several herbs, and walked and cleaned a lot! 
However, my BP got scary high and I was having a headache.  I had a neighbor come watch the kids (I was watching another baby) and I went to L&D.  Todd met me there.  My BP came down a little and it wasn't high to make it life threatening.  To make a long story short, the doctors "high recommended" that we do not leave and have the baby that day.  There were just too many risks involved with high blood pressure this late in pregnancy.  I still really wanted to go into labor naturally so Todd and I talked it over for a while and decided I would go home, give it until my appointment on Wednesday and see what my doctor said. In the meantime, I would take my BP frequently and if it got really high, we would come back in.  I would also STOP the herbs, and rest until the induction on Thursday. 

August 20th, Tuesday: 
  This would be a day of resting and relaxing.  My plans for that day: meet the basic needs of my 2yr old (not very relaxing, but necessary), finish reading a book, and watch a movie during nap time.  I got about half way through the movie and realized that my tummy was tightening  over and over again.  

4:50PM: I txtd Tami and Todd just to let them know and Tami suggested I should time it.  It didn't hurt so I didn't even think of timing.  I started timing and sure enough they were consistent and about 7-9 min apart.  

5:30PM: After the movie I went and made chicken stir-fry for dinner, at this point they became 4-5min apart and were uncomfortable (not hurting).  I was SURE this was a false alarm and it would stop, I even told Todd not to hurry home. While dinner was cooking, I sat on the birthing ball until Todd got home.  We ate dinner and then I took a shower while Todd gave River a bath  (he desperately needed it).  Contractions are 3-4min apart at this time. 

7:00ish: the warm shower did not stall the contractions so to speed things up, I decided we should go on a walk.  We walked around the neighborhood, and to the park. This is also when noticed there was a full moon.  The contractions got slightly painful on the walk but I could still walk through them... couldn't talk, but could walk. :)  When we got home at 8:30, they were 2-3 min apart.  At this point we decided to call the babysitter so he could get here and get settled in. It's funny, b/c I was still questioning if this was "it" or not! 

9:30ish: Todd ran to Walmart quickly b/c we wanted to get disposable diapers for River for the babysitter to use, and we wanted to get the babysitter snacks as well.  (looking back this was prob not the best decision).  The contractions got much stronger and harder while Todd was gone, I had noticed that if I laid down they would slow down.  So I purposely laid down to see if I could get some rest after the long walk.  But they didn't slow down.  This whole time I had been txting Tami, telling her that it wasn't time for her come yet, that I was good. I was SURE that this would be HOURS and HOURS of labor and didn't want her to have to be here any longer than she needed to be. 
When Todd got home I had a slight emotional break down, but only for three min b/c I couldn't cry during a contraction... I HAD to  relax. While I was crying he called Tami (good thing he did).  She got there about 11PM

11PM: contractions were 2-3 min apart and I was in pain. I found "my" position (standing leaned forward with my hands holding me up and rocking/ dancing my legs and hips).  I tried other positions, but NOTHING was as comfortable as this.  

Midnight: I had a couple contractions that were just NOT FUN.  I wanted to cry, and was having a really hard time relaxing.  I finally said it was time to go and everyone agreed.  The car ride was horrible... thank goodness it is only 5 min to the hospital.  I was crying and screaming in the car. When we got to the hospital (at 12:20) we had to go through the ER b/c those are the only open doors. I had three contractions from the car to the Birth Center on the third floor. Of course, the ER was full of people watching me... lovely. They took me back to triage and I got changed it's about 12:30 at this point.  They hooked up the monitors to the baby and I begged to stand up, laying down was extremely painful.  The let me stand up for a few contractions then checked me.  The nurse said I was at a "6".  The first thing I remember hearing was Tami saying, "6 is good! Good job".  But then it hit me.  It took me HOURS to go from a 4 to a 6 and now I have to go from a 6-10. I knew better, but in my mind that meant that I was going to have these types of contractions well into the next morning and possibly afternoon.  
Lots of things happened at this point.  I kept wanting to stand up, but they needed me to sit down to get the saline lock put in.  I hate that thing. I looked Tami in the eyes, and told her that I REALLY, truly believed that I could NOT do this without pain meds. I tried, but I just couldn't.  They made me sit down to put the IV in and I stopped trying to manage the pain at this point. They couldn't get the IV in and wouldn't let me stand while trying to get it in.  I just sat as still as possible and yelled and bawled while Todd held my head.  After THREE more tries, and THREE very intense contractions, they finally got the stupid IV in.  I stood up immediately and had two more contractions.  All of this took place within about 10 min from when they checked the first time. During those contractions Tami and the nurses were saying that it was sounding like I needed to push. However, I didn't know, all I knew was that it hurt! They made me get in the bed again (not happy about that) and then things got crazy! 

I was ready to push! In 10 min I went from a 6-10 and baby was coming no matter what! They ran me me to a delivery room on the stretcher just as the doctor was running in.  At this point I was terrified. I don't think I'd really thought I'd ever make to pushing without meds and I realized what was about to happen! 

The doctor told me that a couple things needed to happen. My water had not broken and he needed to break my water. I said, "Is that gonna hurt?"
He said, "no, it's actually going to feel better"
Then he said, "Then you're going to push"
I said, "THAT is going to hurt?" 
everyone in the room (there were about 6 nurses, Tami and Todd) were all saying, "NO! No! You'll do great. Now you get to relieve some pressure, it will feel better!" 
The doctor said, "Look at me, it's going to really hurt. But it's going to be fast"
I said, "ok...."

1:00am: He broke my water and there was no stopping the pushing.  First push, I felt the head come out and I was DONE, I don't know what anyone was saying (at this point it sounded more like the fans at a football game as opposed to a deliver room: "You got this!", "you can do it!"). All I wanted was him OUT at this point, so I pushed as hard as I could and he came FLYING out with a huge splash! B/c he was so low, most of the water was above the baby so when he broke my water only a small amount came out, so when Remington came out all the water behind him came gushing out.  It was a little funny and pretty gross.  We were all drenched. :) 
Remington was finally here. He was born at 1:04am, 5lbs 15oz, and 19in long and all natural!  I was so proud of myself and was kind of in shock that I actually DID IT.  

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures. There are MANY more on my fbook page. 

Say a little prayer that my blood pressure will go down.  After several days of headaches, and not being able to do much but rest, my doctor put me on BP medications today.  He is hoping that I will only have to take it for a week.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

38 weeks: I can wait!

I haven't done a great job at blogging this pregnancy. However, I've tried to keep up with the "belly book"
And Facebook pictures. 

In the middle of the pregnancy (about 30 weeks) I was feeling horrible! I was so uncomfortable. My back was hurting so badly that I had to walk with a cane. I was seeing my chiro twice a week and a physical therapist once a week! One day, on my way in church, I realized that I wasn't hurting at all!!! So for the past month or so, I have felt pretty great! 

We are slowly but surely getting the nursery put together. Almost everything is handmade. Here's a pic and a list of what I made. 
- bed skirt
- Pom Poms in the corner 
- name and banner over his bed
- garland over the closet
- curtains 

I have some frames that I spray painted with cute little prints I found online and some maternity pictures. Then I got these awesome shelves and some "vintage" toys from Craigslist that we will also decorate the walls with. Not sure when that will get done but he will be in our room for a while so we have time. 

I still need a rocker, and a small side table. Hopefully those will come soon! 

Yesterday, I had a little scare with my blood pressure. I couldn't get it to come down. This was an average BP for me yesterday. I knew that if I called my OB, he would admit and induce immediately. But I wanted a chance to get the BP back down. So I called Miss Tami Good, since she's gonna act as my doula during the labor and deliver. 
She brought me some things to try and this morning I was back at 127/87! WAY better and I still have a chance to let Remington come when he's ready!! 

I'm towards the end now and I just think my body is "getting ready". Doc says that I'm at a "3 almost 4" and 50%.... Which sounds encouraging until he also said I could walk around like that for a month!  

This morning I just realized that I CAN WAIT! I can! My doc would induce if I wanted, he will wait if I want.... And I want to wait. I want to labor at home for hrs then head in, push a baby out, and relax in the hospital for a couple days! 
That's the plan anyway. ;) 

Due date is the 23rd and mom and dad are coming on the 29th and I'll be fine if he comes before the 29th... I think I'll start getting a little anxious if he's not her by then! 

Until then I plan on getting pedicures every three weeks. Here's my latest and favorite (the toes are a little sausage like, sry) 

On the list for this week: 
- EDIT PICTURES for last photo shoots
- keep up with kitchen, laundry, dinner, and just "mom duties"
- put up shelves
- make hospital gown
- get a car seat (we have one but not one that goes with the stroller) 
- pack the hospital gown

Oh and here's our new double stroller!! The biggest baby splurge we've ever made. So exciting!  River loves his seat and this thing can make up to 14 different configurations.  It's pretty fancy and I'm so happy with it. 

That's all for now. Maybe the next blog will be about meeting baby Remington! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day/ time to head home

On our last day morning camping it was FATHER'S DAY.  I mean, how much better could a Father's day get?!?!  Todd woke up to this.

Todd didn't want to wake up but Ruver wanted to play and give him his gift. 

We finally got him awake. 

Then I made him a pancake and sausage breakfast 

River found a new friend.... he LOVED our "neighbors" dog. 

Then it was time to pack up and head back home! We are pretty ready for our own beds!

June 15: Riverside

Another fantastic day!  We sure are ending this trip on a high note!  River actually slept later than mommy and daddy today.  It was pretty warm in the camper which woke me up but I’m pretty sure, kept River asleep.  Easy (unhealthy)  breakfasts are the choice around here. Both boys wanted cereal so I had a protein bar.  We also packed a small lunch for the trip to the next spot. 

We were sad to leave Molas State Park as it was our favorite so far and we didn’t know what we were headed into for our last night. So we reluctantly packed up, loaded up and headed out.  It’s amazing how much longer it takes us to pack up and get out of the site when it’s a place we really like.

The drive to the next site, Riverside RV Park in Pagosa Springs, seemed long and tiring as our boy whined the entire way.  He really does not like being in the truck anymore.  On the way there we spotted a HUGE smoke cloud from the mountains.  From what we hear, there is a wild fire in the forest that the responders can’t get to b/c it’s so remote.  I snapped a few pictures

As we pulled into Riverside, we were a little concerned about where we would be spending out last night.  It wasn’t looking good.  However, when we got to our spot it was PERFECT, it is right on a beautiful river with perfect weather. 

I have a gorgeous view of the river from my “kitchen”, the water is warm enough to play in, and River [and Todd] seem to be in Heaven! 

Of course, as SOON as we set up, it was time to GET IN THE RIVER!  We’ve been waiting three years for a warm enough river to play in.  The water was PERFECT.  Todd got the belly boat out and tried to float down with Riv.  I think he enjoyed the boat OUT of the water more than he did in the water.  But he still had fun. 

Here are a few more out of the water and playing around the campsite.

I found this sweet heart shaped rock on one of our walks to the bathroom. 

Sweet boy wanted to wear daddy's hat. 

After a quick little sand/ rain storm (about 15 min).  We decided to go into the cute little town of Pagosa Springs for dinner.  I have TONS of food left, but we just can’t seem to pass up these cute little “Mom and Pop” restaurants.  Before we ate we went to see the actual springs of Pagosa Springs.  It was really neat.  The water is really warm and makes the rocks these beautiful colors.  The town seems so neat and there seemed to be more people IN the water than out of the water.  Kids floating down the river in tubes, kayakers, adults and kids lounging in the natural hot springs; seems like OUR kind of town. 

I’ve discovered what makes Todd pick a restaurant. It must have these qualifications:
1. A sign that says something is “the best” or “home of”, etc.
2. It has to look REALLY tacky
3. and they must NOT use real plates to serve their foods. 

The food was ok, Todd loved his burger and both my boys were happy so that made me happy.  (I’m looking forward to when mom comes and we can visit all the quaint little “dressed up” places in COS). 

As soon as we were done eating we went back to camp b/c we wanted to spend as much time as possible at the gorgeous campsite.

Todd HAD to get this picture, and I have to admit… it IS pretty funny.

Todd went fly fishing while River and I threw rocks in the water.  We came back up and built a fire, ate some marshmallows and ice cream,  sang some more songs and just enjoyed the music of the river.  

The strangest thing of the night: River ASKED to go night night.  We’ve been fighting him going to bed EVERY evening of this trip and when I asked him if it was time to go night night he said, “Ummmm, yes!  Night night, momma”.   He’s now asleep and for the first time, I get to sit out side the camper and enjoy the fire while he sleeps!

It has been an AMAZING trip and I can’t believe we head home tomorrow. 

However, on to the next adventures; Mom is flying in on Monday evening for 8 days, then we get to add another little boy to add this wonderful mix before the end of summer!  I am one blessed woman!! 

This is for sure: God is SO GOOD.  He is faithful. He wants the best for His children. He always provides (and usually more than just provides).  I am humbled and honored to be called a child of God!